Hoe werkt de aarde?

As a consequence of the visit to various institutions in South Africa in February, dr. Rick Smit, iThemba LABS, and the coordinator of the EARTH programme in South Africa was invited by Sensor Universe for discussions with the new technological and scientific institute Innovation Centre for Advanced Sensors and Sensor Systems (INCAS3) at Assen. Dr Smit spent more than a week in the Netherlands. A number of detailed discussions were held with INCAS3 to investigate the possibilities to collaborate with iThemba LABS and its partners (South African Universities and EARTH) in the framework of further developing direction sensitive antineutrino detectors. A number of issues have to be worked out and discussed with the EARTH Board.

On May 14 a workshop was organised by Sensor Universe at “Het Hof van Saksen”, in Nooitgedacht (east of Assen). Sensor Universe offered to the authors dr. Wim van Westrenen en prof.dr. Rob de Meijer, the opportunity to present their book “Hoe werkt de Aarde?” (How does the Earth work?) The first book was handed to the chairman of the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research, NWO, prof.dr. Jos Engelen. In a thematic session the ideas on the georeactors in the Core-Mantle Boundary and the Origin of the Moon were presented. At the end of the workshop Sensor Universe offered a copy of the book to all participants. The book is published by Veen Magazines as ISBN 9789 0875 710 677. Sensor Universe provided a copy of the book to each of their about 250 participants. A very generous and gladly accepted gesture!

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Hoe werkt de aarde?

ISBN 9789085710677

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