Conference in Houston (USA) and Angra des Reis (Brazil)

At two conferences the EARTH related work was presented and discussed. At the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference at Houston, Texas, USA a poster was presented regarding the alternative hypothesis on the origin of the Moon. At the conference several papers were presented that indicates that the presently generally accepted hypothesis of a Great Impact collision is experiencing more and more difficulties in explaining the data that became available since about 2007. Although it was stated that one has to go back to the drawing table and consider alternative hypothesis for the origin of the Moon in view of its great resemblance with the Earth’s Mantle, our hypothesis was not immediately accepted. (see LPSC-poster 1847_DeMeijerVanWestrenen_-_MoonFormation.pdf). At the Applied Antineutrino Physics conference at Angra des Reis, Brazil, two presentations were given: one regarding the origin of the Moon and one on Direction Sensitive Monitoring of Nuclear Power Reactors. The first presentation was similar to the work presented in Houston, the second focussed on reactor monitoring with special attention to its application at a PBMR.

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