EARTH Board meeting in South��Africa

EARTH Board meeting in South��Africa

The Board members of EARTH met for their 8th meeting on 13 and 14 November. The meeting on 13 November was held at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) at Bellville, just east of Cape Town. The meeting started with a visit to the Physics Department of UWC, where prof. Robbie Lindsay gave a tour showing the sections for Thin filmresearch, Eanviromental Radioactivity and the new Electron Microscope. Before the actual meeting the members had a lunch with the Vice-Rector of Research, prof. Ramesh Bharuth Ram.


On 14 November the Board members gathered at iThemba Labs, located between Cape Town and Stellenbosch. The meeting started with a tour through the facility by dr. Ricky Smit, showing the K=600 cyclotron, the setup for nuclear physics experiments and the neutron and proton therapy facilities.

            In the afternoon the members joined about 20 South African researchers for a presentation of the SA work by two MSc students (Jaco Blankenberg and Matthew Segall) and Hons. student Ruan Steyn. After these presentations the SA project leader dr. Ricky Smit gave an overview of the anticipated programme for the next half year and pointed to the challenges that the group faces in view of the depreciation of the South African Rand.


The Board was very pleased with the progress that especially the students made and indicated that the support via scholarships will continue. They urged the director and the SA researchers to continue along the present line and agreed that EARTH should pay additional attention to the development and test of a detector for safeguard purposes.

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