Welcome to the website of the Stichting (Foundation) Earth AntineutRino TomograpHy (Stichting EARTH). The Stichting was established by the University of Groningen, ASTRON in Dwingeloo, both in the Netherlands, and the Foundation JADE, Willemstad Curaçao on 1 September 2005. The Stichting EARTH is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Groningen (#02089994). The Dutch Revenue system has given Stichting EARTH the status of an Organisation serving the Public Interest (ANBI). Donations are therefore exempted from taxes. Click here for information on Stichting Earth AntineutRino TomograpHy (EARTH) required by the Dutch Revenue System (Belastingdienst) to comply with the Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling ( ANBI) status. The Stichting EARTH aims to promote and conduct technological and scientific research to map the radiogenic (produced by nuclear processes) heat sources in the Earth’s interior. In naturally occurring nuclear-decay processes antineutrinos are produced. Antineutrinos produced in such processes in the Earth are named geoneutrinos.

Antineutrinos are elementary particles they are produced when in atomic nuclei a neutron is converted into a proton and an electron (β--decay). Antineutrinos are electrically neutral and have a very small mass. Their interaction with matter is almost negligible and it requires special, large size detector systems to detect them.

Heat sources in the Earth’s interior are hardly known. We know that the heat flow at the Earth’s surface is very irregular and amounts to a total of 45 TW (1TW=1012W). This is more than the heat produced by all electricity power stations together. The internal heat sources in the Earth are the motor for the geomagnetic field and for plate tectonics that are often triggering earthquakes, volcanic activities and even every now and then tsunamis.

Antineutrinos are produced in the nuclear power reactors. Monitoring antineutrinos is the only direct way to control the efficiency of such reactors and to safeguard the operation of the reactors according to the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

This website contains a description (in English) of the Programme Earth AntineutRino TomograpHy EARTH). It contains three sections: General, Organisation and Science. We apologise for the inconvenience that our science section is still under construction.

November 2019
Rob de Meijer passed away

September 2019
Jacob Gelt Dekker passed away

February 2019
Thoron standard source

November 2018
Measured and simulated spectra for a 22Na source in a well counter

July 2018
Possible implications of a reactor-status effect on the β+ decay rate of 22Na

December 2016
Radiometric properties of marine mammal fossils from the Westerschelde Estuary (Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands)

October 2016
First observation of a reactor-status effect on the Beta + decay rate of 22Na

July 2016
EARTH Progress Report 012

June 2016
Boundary conditions for the formation of the Moon

April 2016
30 jaar na Tsjernobil
Dagblad vh Noorden

December 2014
At Koeberg the fourth measurement series has been started

December 2014
Special Research Chair in Antineutrino Geoscience

November 2014
The Moon's formation revisited

November 2014
EARTH Progress Report 011

August 2014
Upper limit on the cross section for reactor antineutrinos changing 22Na decay rates

January 2014
Vici-Award for Moon-Water research

January 2014
Maar waar komt de maan vandaan?

October 2013
Dwarse Wetenschappers
VPRO Labyrint TV
(61.4 MB)

August 2013
Kernexplosie schonk leven aan de maan

August 2013
Als die Erde explodierte

July 2013
Moon formation
New Scientist

May 2013
Een atoomboom diep in de aarde
NRC Handelsblad

May 2013
VPRO Labyrint Radio 1
(20 MB)

May 2013
Mot om de maan
VPRO Gids mei 2013

May 2013
Our Nuclear Moon
University of Groningen

May 2013
Moonuscript published

May 2013
Reprint Moon formation
Chemical Geology

April 2013
Extension MoU

April 2013
Jacht op geoneutrino's
VPRO Labyrint Radio 1
(20 Mb)

January 2013
Reprint Moon formation

December 2012
Moonuscript accepted

December 2012
New detector running at Koeberg

December 2012
Moonuscript almost accepted

November 2012
New detector

August 2012
EARTH Progress Report 010

December 2010
EARTH Progress Report 008

July 2009
EARTH Progress Report 007

May 2009
Hoe werkt de aarde?

April 2009
Broadcasting EARTH GIZA-Detector (NOS Journal)

March 2009
Conference in Houston (USA) and Angra des Reis (Brazil)

February 2009
Scientific and industrial collaboration with South Africa

January 2009
Abstract Alternative Origin of the Moon

January 2009
Test detectors shipped to South Africa

January 2009

December 2008
Green light for EARTH plans

November 2008
EARTH Board meeting in South Africa

November 2008
EARTH at IAEA (Attendance Report)

October 2008
EARTH at IAEA (Announcement)

October 2008
Detector Development

February 2006
EARTH Progress Report 005

July 2005
EARTH Progress Report 004

February 2005
EARTH Progress Report 003

November 2004
EARTH Progress Report 002

September 2004
EARTH Progress Report 001

Hoe werkt de aarde?

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