Scientific Publications on geoneutrinos and georeactors
Thoron standard source Applied Radiation and Isotopes   01 Februari 2019
Measured and simulated spectra for a 22>Na source in a well counter Radiation Measurements   22 November 2018
Possible implications of a reactor-status effect on the β+ decay rate of 22Na Applications of Nuclear Techniques (CRETE17)   10 Juli 2018
Radiometric properties of marine mammal fossils from the Westerschelde Estuary (Province of Zeeland, the Netherlands) Online Journal of the Natural History Museum Rotterdam   31 December 2016
First observation of a reactor-status effect on the β+ decay rate of 22Na Physical Review C   05 Oktober 2016
Boundary conditions for the formation of the Moon Netherlands Journal of Geosciences   01 Juni 2016
The Moon's formation revisited     28 November 2014
Quest for Very Compact Antineutrino Detectors for Safeguarding Nuclear Reactors     01 Oktober 2014
Upper limit on the cross section for reactor antineutrinos changing 22Na decay rates     23 September 2014
Reprint Moon formation Chemical Geology   08 Mei 2013
Forming the Moon from terrestrial silicate-rich material Chemical Geology   04 Januari 2013
No evidence for antineutrinos significantly influencing exponential β+ decay Applied Radiation and Isotopes   Februari 2011
Abstract LPSC Houston, 2009     Januari 2009
The feasibility and implications of nuclear georeactors in Earth's core-mantle boundary region South African Journal of Science, Vol 104, 2008   02 April 2008
Are there nuclear reactors at Earth's core? Nature News   15 Mei 2008
Towards Earth AntineutRino TomograpHy (EARTH) Earth, Moon and Planets, Vol 99, 2006   28 Juni 2006
Neutron detection, the key to direction sensitive geoneutrino detectors Proc. Of Sciences (FNDA 2006), 096 2006   April 2006
Geoneutrino's onthullen het binnenste van de aarde Ned. Tijdschrift voor Natuurkunde   Oktober 2005
Quest for a Nuclear Georeactor Nuclear Physics News International   Juli 2004
Quest for a Nuclear Georeactor Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Vol. 71   Juli 2004

Scientific Publications on other Nuclear Geophysics topics
Our Nuclear Moon University of Groningen   08 Mei 2013
Determination of soil, sand and ore primordial radionuclide concentrations by full-spectrum analyses of high-purity germanium detector spectra Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Vol 66,   Januari 2008
Gamma-Ray spectrometry of radon in water and the role of radon to representatively sample aquifers Applied Radiation and Isotopes, Vol 66, 2008   Januari 2008
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