The programme was initiated around the middle of 2003 by the Nuclear Geophysics Division of the Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, around the middle of 2003. At an early stage the KVI and iThemba LABS, in collaboration with the University of Cape Town, South Africa, started to further develop the idea and initiated the first test experiments. In the beginning of 2004 the first series of funding was granted, which allowed the programme to kick-off. In 2005 further funding was applied for to demonstrate the proof of principle/concept for the detector and for antenna design. On 1 September 2005 the University of Groningen, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON) and the private foundation JADE of Curaçao established the Stichting (Foundation) Earth AntineutRino TomograpHy (Stichting EARTH).

The board of the Stichting presently consists of:

  • Mr. Jacob Gelt Dekker, Chairman;

  • Prof. Reinhard Morgenstern;

  • Mr. Henk Koopmans;

  • Prof. Krish Bharuth Ram.

On a daily basis the Stichting EARTH is represented by its director: Prof. Rob de Meijer.

The Advisory Board of Stichting EARTH consists of:

  • Prof. Gerard 't Hooft, Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University ;

  • Prof. Wim van Westrenen, Earth Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam ;

  • Prof. Wubbo J. Ockels, Aerospace for Sustainable Engineering and Technology, Technical University Delft ;

  • Prof. Harry N.A. Priem, Emeritus professor Earth Sciences, Utrecht University ;

At present Stichting EARTH is participating in a technology development programme of the three northern provinces in the Netherlands: SENSOR UNIVERSE.


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